In Loving Memory of our brother Paul Lawrence

It is with great sadness we announce that our charity’s co-founder, Paul Andrew Lawrence, sadly passed away on the morning of Friday 11th December.
Life has a way of delivering shocks, but not many come bigger than this as we mourn the loss of our brother, our colleague and our friend. Paul is a larger than life personality loved by many.
His absence is a hole that can never be filled; neither should it be. His legacy will always be alive and vibrant.
Paul’s relationship with the 100 Black Men of London started two decades ago. As a founding member, he has been at the forefront of many iconic moments that we have had. The word “leadership” is synonymous with Paul having served on our Board for multiple terms, organising and facilitating sessions to empower parents and young people on our mentoring programme and representing the 100 at countless events as a spokesperson.
His mind, his wit, his humour, his networking, his love for growth has transcended simple organisational titles.
We will have lots more to say about this great and wonderful giant of a man, but for now the 100 salute our fallen soldier.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul’s family during this difficult time.

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