Meet the committed volunteers who give their skills, money and time to steer the organisation dedicated to the upliftment of our community.

Ola Oyalegan

Ola Oyalegan


Ola Oyalegan is a committed volunteer and consistent contributor to the UK charity sector.
He prides himself on investing in effective value added activities in the community and nurturing young people through mentoring to become the very best version of themselves with the staunch belief that their early exposure to new possibilities and opportunities will shape their views, positively impact their aspirations and eventual heights in the future.

He has demonstrated genuine interest in promoting the well being of folks in the community especially young people through his deeds over the years and retains the same energy level and burning passion for their progress and development.
Ola is a man of many parts, a strict professional at heart but most significantly, a proud husband and doting father.

Board Members

Michael Sode

Michael Sode

Vice President of Operations

I’m here to build, empower and give a voice to our young people. I’m here to call people to rise, take action, take control and level the playing the field. I’m here to unite with my brothers and sisters to build a legacy that we can pass onto our children and last generations to come.

I started off as a mentor within The 100, wanting to inspire and empower our Black Youth to be best version of themselves. Quickly understanding that representation is important, I became the Vice President of Finance, to show leadership and taking action. Since then I have moved into the Vice President of Operation role and fully focused on achieving the vision for our community.

I can proudly say that The 100 is family. Everyone is unique, has their own personalities and gifts but ultimately, we are all after the same result for the community.”

Alastair Coward

Alastair Coward

Vice President of Programs

I joined The 100 Black Men of London in 2016 to make a difference in our community. I believe that we can do more together than we can do alone, and I love the ethos of the organisation. We are ordinary people who have come together, to give our time, provide our skills and resources, organise ourselves, to build and deliver. All off our own backs!

I am a mentor, a fundraiser, and the Vice President of Programmes this enables me to be innovative with relevant programmes and activities within the community.

I am passionate about learning, love keeping fit and healthy through various challenging activities and I am dedicated to providing opportunities for our young people to enable them to thrive.
I am an educator and campaigner and use my energy, enthusiasm, ideas, creativity, solutions, skills, and compassion to implement change within the organisation.