Our award-winning Community Mentoring Programme (CMP) instils ‘life–skills’ targeted at the Black community and for the benefit of both children and their parents/carers.

Our Community Mentoring Programme (CMP) is a ‘life–skills’ group mentoring programme targeted at the Black community and for the benefit of both children and parents/carers.

Our Community Mentoring Programme is accredited with the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service which means all parents and young people will gain CPD points for their time on the programme.

The programmes we offer are delivered according to our principles of “Mentoring the 100 Way across a Lifetime” and consists of the following...

Me I Can Be Programme (MICB)

A 13-module life-skills programme for youths aged 10 – 15. The programme focuses on modules such as Black History/Self-Identity (including self-esteem); Peer Relations; Effective Communication; Planning & Forecasting; Drugs & Substance misuse; Health & Wellness etc. The aim of the MICB is to help young Black boys and girls to become strong and centered individuals with a clear understanding of their personal goals and how to achieve them.

Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)

Builds on the modules looked at during the MICB programme with an emphasis on developing the leader within of each of the young people attending and encouraging them to apply newly acquired leadership skills to a variety of real life situations. Topics discussed are more advanced including Home Life; Money Management and Cash Flow; Street Life etc. with mentees given more time and space to discuss issues in depth. Attendees on this programme must be between the ages of 14 – 17. The aim of the YLA is to help young Black boys and girls become leaders and positive contributors to their community in particular and society in general.

Peer Mentoring Programme (PMP)

This is a programme by which mentees who have passed through the MICB and YLA programmes learn how to mentor others within their community, specifically, their peers. Through the programme, peer mentors will learn a variety of advanced skills, including public speaking; researching; project management; team building and leadership. The culmination of the programme is where peer mentors get to deliver one of the sessions on the MICB programme. The aim of the PMP is to help young Black boys and girls to become positive mentors to their peers.

Parents in Partnership Programme (PiP)

A community support and discussion forum for parents and carers. This programme provides a conducive environment for parents to discuss pressing issues of child upbringing including social networking; positive approaches to schools; centred on self; sex – proactive parenting etc. The aim of PIP is to empower parents to take charge of the lives and upbringing of their children.

All four programmes run concurrently throughout the year (in line with the school year), starting in December and concluding with a graduation ceremony in July.

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