Membership Committee

Thinking about volunteering or joining our organisation? Here's some essential information before you begin your journey.

Welcome to the 100 Black Men of London, we would love to welcome you onboard as part of the 100BMOL family as a member, mentor or volunteer.

We would like to thank you in advance for your time, commitment, dedication, energy and passion that you will give to our organisation. Before you begin your journey with us, here is some key background information.

Our History

We are a chapter of the 100 Black Men of America established way back in New York in 1963 since then there has been over 100 global chapters established all over the world.

Our London chapter was established in 2001, by our first president Ken Barnes led by male members and assisted by female volunteers for people of African and Caribbean descent. We focus on four key pillars / areas we consider critical to the development and uplifting of our community – Education, Mentoring, Economic Development and Health and Wellbeing. Known as our ‘Four for the Future’.

Our Vision

The vision of the 100 Black Men of London is to become the leading youth and community development organisation, that uplifts the black community and empowers the youth and members of our communities to be the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the ‘Four for the Future' along with leadership development, as well as demonstrating and evidencing the impact of delivery.

Our Values

100 Black Men of London is committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economic empowerment of the Afro-Caribbean community based on the following precepts : Respect for family, Spirituality, Justice and Integrity.

How to become a Member or Volunteer

A member or volunteer is a person that can contribute at least 3 hours a week working as part of a team or committee that believes in the ethos and delivery of the 100 Black Men of London. Alongside this if you wish to mentor you can once all DBS/DDC checks are fufilled and mandatory training modules completed for our Safeguarding purposes and protocols. Once pinned our male members are expected to contribute Membership dues either monthly or annually as would of been stated in their welcome letter and joining instructions. Our female volunteers can also be encouraged to contribute but not an expectation as we are more male led/driven.

100 Day Induction Process

As part of your induction process we will endeavour to find where you best fit based on your skills, experience and personal interest. Thereafter you will work within one of our committees or team’s delivering our pillars to help drive our vision, mission and values. You will receive a welcome letter with joining instructions and be assigned to a team with buddy to assist and support you through your initial 100 day’s ( 3 - 4months ) the process is explained in more detail with the documents you'll receive upon completing an online application form and registering your interest.


Jeff Berko

Membership Lead

Hi, my name is Jeff, I’m a father of two sons 14 and 20yrs old also been employed by LUL now TfL for over 20yrs a keen keep fit fanatic, photographer and a creative. I’m the current lead for our team. I have been with the organisation since September 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. It’s been great to mix with like minded people from my community that want to really change the situation for our people through action not just words.
I have grown and developed numerous skills and been able to apply these in other areas of my life so it’s not just about ‘giving' but about what you wish to ‘develop' thus creating a better future for yourself, your family, friends and our wider community.


Donna Spencer

Membership Deputy

I have been a volunteer with 100BMOL since 2001. I get a buzz from the feeling of giving back to my community . Since becoming involved with 100BMOL I have gained knowledge , made new friends and developed new skills. The passion and commitment of 100BMOL lives on the the lives of the young people we work with, who in turn will make a future we are proud of.


Keith Dube

Membership Admin/ Event Support

My name is Keith, I live in London with my family and work in the actuarial field as an analyst. I joined the 100 Black Men of London to make a difference in my community and to pass on my knowledge and experiences to the younger generation to help them excel and avoid the pitfalls those of us in older generations may have fallen into. I have a great interest in the social and economic wellbeing of the black community and learning how we can make lasting contributions for each other and strengthening our community so that we can grow and develop. I look forward to learning and working with the 100 Black Men.


Maureen McLean

Team leads Liaison Officer/ HR Care Counsellor

My name is Maureen, I am a Network Engineer and love outdoors activities. I joined 100bmol to give back something to my community. During my time with 100bmol i have grown, unleashed other skills and network with other professional and pro active members in the team and organisation as a whole as I'm a people person.



Membership Admin

My name is Remi, I joined the 100 Black Men of London as a volunteer for to improve community growth. I'm currently a mentor with our MICB 1 team which I thoroughly enjoy guiding our young diamonds and inspiring them. I'm a long term supporter of black organisations. I'd heard some good things about 100 Black Men of London and i've always been interested to support an organisation that is doing not just talking about change.