Economic Empowerment

What if all Black businesses in the UK committed to a core set of business principles and business standards that were specifically designed to make their businesses grow?

"To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme."

Aliko Dangote

How can you build a sustainable world-beating Black business that makes real profit, grows, and creates a business legacy for your children and your community? This is the core question that our Business Programme has tackled.

Our programme is designed to show you how to create a world-beating business that makes real profit and grows to build a legacy for your children and your community.
The programme is centred around the creation of what we call the Black Business Charter – a set of 10 principles that we believe all Black businesses must embrace in order to create the kind of thriving and sustainable businesses that grow our community. These principles have been created with direct input from businesses, consumers, consultants, and the community generally.

The Black-Owned Business Programme

    The Black Owned Business Programme is a multi-faceted programme comprising of:

  • 13 workshop modules delivered by our members and expert consultants to budding entrepreneurs, established entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Certification for each business that completes the programme or demonstrates its adherence to the Black Owned Business Charter
  • Access to the 100 Black Men Business Mastermind Group
  • Membership of the new Black Business Association when launched
  • Access to our curated database of business investors

  • The Resources you'll Receive

  • Database of Books, Videos, Podcasts, Apps: A list of all the books, videos, podcasts, and apps that every entrepreneur should know.

The Modules:

  1. Full Business Audit: Complete a 360-degree SWOT assessment of the current state of your business.
  2. Customer Experience: Supercharge the experience people get when they engage with your business and turn them from customers to ambassadors
  3. Finances & Accounts: Crunch the numbers – Structure your finances and accounts to optimise your cash flow and profits
  4. Your Brand & Product Development: Re-examine and redefine your Brand to make the world love your business

  1. Build your influence: Identify the institutions, industry bodies, networks, and organisations that have power or oversight over your business and learn how to influence them for your benefit
  2. Buying Black: How to support your community by employing black, buying black, and selling black whilst also increasing profit
  3. Leadership and management: Be the leader that people want to work for with dynamic leadership and management skills.
  4. Unsexy Admin: Get your admin in order – governance, compliance, policies, contracts etc
  5. Growth: how to expand and grow your business to take on the world

  1. Marketing & Sales: Identify your target market; reach them; get them to buy from you and to encourage their networks to do the same
  2. Networking: Grow your net worth by growing your network
  3. Business Plan: Complete your full Business Plan – a blueprint for the future of your business
  4. Presentation Day: Present your plan to the group, be challenged and justify your plan.

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