At the 100 Black Men of London, we believe that the focus should be on developing our communities, empowering and uplifting a people to build a brighter future that you have full control off. Our men and women volunteers have been serving the community since 2001, impacting thousands of lives through the work we do.

The Four for the Future are the pillars the 100 Black of London use to strengthen and support the community. These pillars are Education, Economic Empowerment, Mentoring and Health & Wellness. These sessions and activities are all delivered by our dedicated and passionate volunteers, people of the community who have given up their time and in cases their money to continue this work.

The Build your Community campaign, embodies the vision of the 100 and our two powerful mottos’ ‘Together we can’ & ‘What they’ll see is what they will be’.

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During this campaign we are looking to raise £200,000, which will take the 100 Black Men of London to the next level enabling us to : –

  • Have a building, a hub for the 100 Black Men of London to deliver our programmes, events and workshops. Our own building will allow us to have a central place, a community center that is open to all. Providing stability and jobs to the community. Giving our young people a safe place to come to. Increasing our capacity and maximising our reach to a greater audience.
  • Upgrade our technology used in our community mentoring programmes, allowing our young people to record and deliver their project; at a higher level. Increasing their voice and providing an outlet for them to share their opinions.
  • Employee staff to support and take the pressure of our dedicated and passionate volunteers who are in positions, where they are currently giving over 30 hours of their time a month.